Training is Wisdom…

photo_housingCurrent and comprehensive knowledge of the critical issues identified with the care, treatment and support of individuals living with HIV/AIDS is an indispensable component in the professional development of case managers, outreach and prevention workers, and administrative staff. The more information available to these HIV/AIDS professionals, the more effective and meaningful is their ability to positively affect the lives of their clients.

 The Carolinas CARE Partnership Training Institute strives to meet the professional training needs of a variety of disciplines, including HIV, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Housing and Non-Profit Management.

All Training Institute workshops are facilitated by knowledgeable trainers who maintain their expertise by actively working in the field. Each workshop is highly interactive and is designed with YOUR needs in mind!

The Training Institute seeks to reinforce the mission of the Carolinas CARE Partnership by offering workshops that provide up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS, improve the skills of professionals who work with HIV positive persons and increase the general knowledge and compassion of the public. The Training Institute is comprised of three major components:

Capacity Building for Non-profit Organizations is designed for all employees of non-profit organizations that are seeking to enhance their agency’s performance. Some of these offerings celexa no prescription include “Introduction to Human Resources,” “Grant Writing, “Harnessing the Power of Teams,” and “Contract Compliance.” New trainings are added based on feedback from participants!

Case Management is comprised of workshops designed to improve the case management skills of all participants. Case managers from all disciplines benefit from classes from the basics of Case Management skills to advanced, specialized trainings. Perennial favorites like “HIV: The Basics and Clinical Aspects,” “Grief and Bereavement,” “Cultural Competency,” “Cross Training for Collaborative Systems,” and “Blended Skills: Case Management 101” are offered on a regular basis.

Social Service Skills-Building consists of a variety of workshops designed to increase knowledge and improve skills of anyone working in the social service arena. Some of these offerings include, “Working with Domestic Violence Survivors,” “Avoiding Burn-Out,” and “What Every Provider Needs to Know about the LGBT Community.”

Can’t come to us? That’s OK! The Carolinas CARE Partnership Training Institute has knowledge, will travel!

Contact Us to design a training package to meet your agency’s needs!

Registration is completed through the mail, e-mail, or fax and payment can be made through cash, checks or American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Inquiries can be directed to Shannon Warren, Executive Director,; 704.531.2467, ext. 9581.